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„Victims need to be supported“ Five questions to Paul Rose („Best UK Guitarist“)



November 8, 2018


SwiftAlarm! Presse

  1. Paul, we feel honoured that one of the word’s best guitar players joined RockAgainstRape. Why did you do it?
    I’m always happy to investigate new opportunities and new territories in music. For me this is what life is all about.

  2. Ok, Paul. Be honest: Ali Khan blackmailed you, right? Regarding the fact, that you already worked with Pete Townsend, Michael Schenker or Randy Brecker…
    I guess I have been very lucky to have worked with some famous people. But I am really focused on the quality of the music. It’s my primary purpose.

  3. From where do you know Ali Khan, the initiator of RockAgainstRape? What do you have in common?
    Ali and I are connected through mutual friends, and our love of quality music and live performance has brought us together naturally.

  4. Do you have any personal experience or a personal connection to topics like rape, sexual abuse, etc.?
    Personally I have not, but in over 23 years of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, I have made friends with many people who have been abused this way. And through the trust and comrardy between friends I am acutely aware of the damage and hurt this terrible abuse can cause. I have always tried my best to offer the right kind of support, but I feel strongly that I personally am not qualified. And I have encouraged victims to seek professional support from those who truly understand.

  5. Is music the key to prevent or to point out sexual abuse? In your personal opinion: what else needs to be done?
    I think music can be a great way to bring these issues to light. And I believe that victims need to be supported and encouraged to come forward. Possibly the perceived power or threats of the abuser need to be overcome. I’m not an expert in this field, but I believe compassion and empathy can go a long way.

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